Bring your fleet management to the next level in 3 easy steps

Ready to save up to 3 hours per day in your daily fleet management business? Here are 3 easy steps to improve your fleet business

Pauline Kletti
Pauline Kletti
July 7, 2022
5 min read
Bring your fleet management to the next level in 3 easy steps

Step number 1: Get real-time access to your customers’ earnings and activity

With a real-time access to your drivers earnings and activity, you will be able to save precious time and focus on analysis rather than collecting data. You don’t have to wait for your driver to come by the office and share his rides, or send over an email with some approximate data that you’ll have to double check either way. With one click, the driver shares his access to their driving platforms with you, and you’ll be able to access all customers earnings and activity in real-time.

Step number 2: optimize your payout process across multiple platforms

Did you know that you can optimize your payout process across all available platforms?

Rollee has integrations to leading platforms on the market. Your drivers can cumulate drives on each platform, it still takes you only 1 click to summarize all drives and integrate the total into the payout process.

Your Drivers get paid fast, your accountant’s work is broken down to a single step, and you can save valuable time for your business.

Step number 3: optimize your budget with income projection

Once you have set up Rollee and started exploiting the real-time access to your drivers activity and optimized the payout process, it’s time to think about the future. Make sure you optimize your budget and investment with our automated income projection. 

Thanks to the real-time data you can access with Rollee’s API, you can make smart projections and project yourself into the future. 

Our client Findrive is already convinced:
"We used to spend 3 hours a day to collect and check data from all our drivers. Now it takes just 2 seconds & we can focus on the analysis of our drivers' performance" says Daly A., Operations Manager at FinDrive

Calculate your drivers earnings across multiple platforms in just 2 clicks

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