Security is our top priority
We have implemented market-leading security practices to protect your data.

We are deeply committed to building and implementing security controls that will strengthen the security and privacy of our customers data, and most importantly to protecting their data.

Secure by Design

Security is embedded in every part of our business. Rollee systems, products, and policies are designed with the industry best guidelines.

Security Program

The security program at Rollee protects our company and our customers data at every layer. We prioritise security & privacy in our approach.

Compliance and Regulations

Rollee has achieved ISO 27001 certification, ensuring strong security measures to keep your data safe. Rollee has taken the necessary measures to be GDPR-compliant.
Safeguarding our customer data is a critical responsibility
We continue to work hard to maintain that trust. For additional questions, feel free to reach out to our Security Team.
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