Empower your Scoring Models with alternative data

Customize your underwriting process with alternative data and grow your business on untapped populations.

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Incorporate alternative data to your models and reduce your default rate.


Industries that benefit from Advanced Scoring Models

Consumer Lending

Integrate governmental tax portals and access financial data and more.

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Vehicle Financing

Identify the reliability of a vehicle loan application by checking the work history of the applicant.

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Underwrite a diverse workforce

Grow your business by successfully underwriting workers from different backgrounds. Build better financial products with verified income data directly from the source.

One platform. All integrations

We have integrations to all income sources. Payroll, gig platforms, government taxes

Integrate your customers' income, taxes, and other alternative data into your risk analysis.

Gig Economy

Build custom analysis on the gig economy workforce through unparalleled insights.

Government Portals

Verify your users' employment and income through government portals.

Payment Platforms

Verify users' payment history to build a risk profile.