Empowering Mobility Fintech

Rollee's solution for seamless driver background checks and activity data

Thibaud Duprat
Thibaud Duprat
November 28, 2023
5 min read
Empowering Mobility Fintech

In the fast-growing landscape of mobility fintech, where historical data, current and past activity, and background checking are paramount, Rollee steps into the spotlight with a dashboard tailored to meet the unique needs of platforms in the space. With a focus on providing comprehensive income and activity data, our recent updates are a paradigm shift for mobility fintech companies relying on accurate driver background checks and information to ensure optimal service access and reduced fraud risk.

Driving Success: Rollee's Product for Mobility Fintech

For mobility fintech platforms, the ability to conduct thorough background checks on driver activity history is fundamental. The latest enhancements to our dashboard are designed to empower these platforms with a suite of features that redefine how driver data is acquired, utilized, and updated. Our dashboard lets you access both real-time and historical data with a few clicks.

1. Streamlined Onboarding for Driver Empowerment

  • Visualize Data: Gain insights into driver activity history, and current earnings with a customizable data grid view allowing you to focus only on the data you need. Customize the date range to optimize the relevance of your data.
  • Expanded Platform Coverage: Rollee’s driver coverage is the leader in Europe with a strong focus on ensuring our customers are fully covered across all their users.
  • Self-Onboarding Capabilities: Admin can self-onboard without the need for developers. Send your user’s connection emails or connect your fleet account via the dashboard. Features of the dashboard will allow you to customize your experience in great detail.

2. Dashboard Highlights for Mobility Fintech Platforms

  • Simplified Verification: Background checks on income, employment, and identity can now be conducted directly from the dashboard, without the need for coding expertise.
  • Driver Analysis: Get live analytics comparing your drivers, income, and activity allowing you to make better decisions. Compare your drivers to the overall market giving you unique powerful industry insights to give your business an edge.

3. Dashboard Functionalities Tailored for Driver Background Checks

  • Rollee Connect Setup: Customize Rollee Connect for your users to get the best conversion rate. Make connecting accounts part of your onboarding to ensure 100% connection rate.
  • Test Environment: Explore and test background check functionalities in a controlled environment, ensuring accuracy without compromising live data.
  • Request a sandbox account here - no credit card needed.

Unlocking New Frontiers: Beyond Background Checks

While our current enhancements mark a significant step forward, the potential applications of Rollee's income and activity data extend far beyond background checks. Here are some of our customer’s innovative use cases that will revolutionize the mobility fintech landscape:

Dynamic Pricing Models:

  • Utilize real-time income data to implement dynamic pricing models, offering personalized rates based on the user's financial situation. This can enhance affordability and attract a wider user base.

Financial Planning Assistance:

  • Provide financial insights and planning assistance to users based on their income patterns. This can include budgeting tips, savings recommendations, and personalized financial advice.

Credit Scoring and Financing:

  • Leverage income and activity data for assessing users' creditworthiness. Mobility fintechs can offer financing options or collaborate with financial institutions to provide credit services for users with reliable income histories.

Rewards and Incentive Programs:

  • Develop rewards programs that offer incentives based on user activity and spending patterns. Users with consistent income and frequent usage of the mobility service can be eligible for special discounts, promotions, or loyalty rewards.

Subscription Models:

  • Introduce subscription-based models for mobility services, tailoring pricing plans based on users' income levels and usage patterns. This can provide a more predictable and accessible payment structure for users.

Insurance Solutions:

  • Collaborate with insurance providers to offer usage-based insurance plans. Mobility fintechs can use activity data to determine risk profiles, leading to more personalized and cost-effective insurance options for users.

Employment Verification Services:

  • Extend income and employment verification services to third parties, such as landlords or other service providers, as an additional revenue stream. This can streamline processes for users when accessing various services.

To leverage these powerful tools and refine not only driver background checks but also enhance user experiences across multiple fronts, mobility fintech platforms can reach out to our team for a demo or access the dashboard via our website.

At Rollee, we're dedicated to empowering mobility fintech platforms with richer income and employment data, ensuring seamless and secure access to services. Together, let's drive success through precise, reliable, and user-centric background checks and beyond.