Product Update: Rollee Connect

Rollee Connect lets your users connect their employment data to your platform in order to benefit from financial, insurance, health and lifestyle services.

Thibaud Duprat
Thibaud Duprat
March 9, 2022
3 min read
Product Update: Rollee Connect

Gaining access to the right data at the right time can be crucial for your business to provide the best possible experience and service to your users. With Rollee Connect, your users can share relevant profile and income information at the click of a button. Fast, simple, and reliable, Connect can easily be added to your product based on your workflow.

Improvements to Connect

User Flow 

We have recently improved our Connect product in multiple ways. Firstly, the focus on conversion rate mains high as ever, we are always working on potential simplification and optimization to the flow in order the help the users experience a seamless connection.

In this release, we targeted performance improvements on the connections as well as some design updates to improve the user experience across the flow.

Rolle Connect Default User Journey

With a focus on compliance, we also added legal details to better inform the users on the consent they are giving and so simplify generally complicated and hidden legal jargon.

Other minor improvements include smoother transitions between pages, better error handling, waiting animations on connection, and connecting multiple accounts.


In this release, we have added various customizations to tailor fit Connect to your needs. You can now configure your Connect to show specific companies in search and skip the first of last pages of the Connect flow based on the context provided to the user.

Customize Connect Experience Freely


We now provide you with a brand new sandbox environment to freely test various data sources and get anonymized data back without needing real credentials. We also offer a testing period for you to try with real credentials and get real data back from the data sources you are interested in.

Workers Covered

GIG economy

Rollee focuses first on the Gig economy space, including but not limited to drivers and riders. Gig economy workers are usually the last to get the financial and other benefits they need as it is harder for them to prove they have steady income and employment. By enabling them to share their platform data, they can now access these exclusive services to better their quality of life!

Creators and Freelancers

Similarly to GIG economy workers, freelancers and creators are not always covered by traditional banks and benefits that full-time workers would be. By letting them share their platform data including income and employment they now can also enjoy the same benefits as full time employees.

Full-time workers

Rollee covers traditional full-time workers as well by integrating various HR and Payroll platforms, allowing traditional employees to share their data securely. Full-time workers can now clearly view all parties involved in their employment data checking. Before, they would need to print out paystubs, send paperwork via unsecured emails, and face risks of fraud events.

What’s Coming Next

We are always looking to improve on Connect and optimize our conversion. The next release will provide our customers with in depth analytics on their conversion rate with insights as to how they could optimize it!

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