Product Updates

Product Update

Growing Coverage, new dashboard and what's coming next!

Thibaud Duprat
Thibaud Duprat
September 25, 2023
3 min read
Product Update


Over the summer of 2023, the focus has been to helping our customers onboard via our new dashboard with a few key goals in mind.

  1. Having the ability to see and interact with the data before even connecting an account
  2. Dive into our coverage of platforms and our data standard
  3. Start connecting accounts and collecting data without needed engineering intervention

A new dashboard

With that in mind, we now have a new dashboard with all the features required to fully self onboard. You can check out the features details below. Income, Employment, and Identity verification can now be done entirely from the dashboard without needing to know how to code.

Increased Coverage and Status Page

Additionally, in this last month, we have increased our coverage across multiple use cases including HRIS and gig economy with 19 new platforms. You can check out our coverage here

A new Push Model

We now also offer a push model to make the integration of our API easier. You just need to subscribe to updates to get the data you need. The endpoints and cadence of the updates are customizable, as is the amount of historical data you want to retrieve the first time a user connects.

A new Dashboard for no-code income verification

Rollee's team has released the first version of our dashboard. Here you can fully set up Rollee as you intend to use it. Whether you are technical or on the business side, the dashboard will help you set up the integration of Connect and understand the data you are able to grab from each platform.

  • Use the Sandbox environment to go through Connect and see how it works. Then check out the data on the Grid view. Sandbox is not a live environment so feel free to explore without worry.
  • Choose which endpoints you need, how much historical data you want to retrieve and how often you want updates.
  • Set up and customize Rollee Connect based on your use cases.
  • Send invitations to connect to your users. You can bulk upload via CSV.
  • Use the Grid view to track your users’ status and data. Customize the grid view based on the data you want to see.
  • Dive deeper into a user's data with the Detailed User View.
  • Download the data via CSV or Excel on the Grid or in the Detailed View.
  • You also have access to our Coverage via the dashboard, click on a Platform to see which endpoints and datapoints are available.
  • Don’t forget the data range is always customizable on the data views.

For access to the dashboard and to start connecting your users, reach out to our team via the website or request a demo.

Coming soon

Support for customizable emails - customize the emails you want to send to your users in order to improve communication and conversion

Custom inputs in the Grid - create new columns with your own custom inputs in the grid in order to add data to a user

Settings - choose between various settings including how you want to set up data retrieval, language, notifications and more...