Streamline your EWA product with Rollee.

Automate users’ payments with real-time access to their income and days worked.


Create a seamless salary advance process.

Verify your employees payroll in real-time to accelerate your salary advance approval process.

Make wages available on demand

Allow employees to access their pay independently as the month progresses.

Check your workers status and activity

Calculate your employees available wage based on recent activity, time off and status for an advance payout.

Record salary advance requests in the payroll software

Ensure that payslips can be produced in accordance with the early payouts.

Verify the employee's income data

Instant payroll data verification

The employee connects their payroll platform with Rollee and shares their income data and work activity with you.

Automate your salary advance process

Verify your employee's payroll, activity and absences at the source and provide accurate salary advances.

Automated Earned Wage Access

"We need access to the right data at the right time. Thanks to Rollee we have been able to open up new business channels and meet the needs of our customers who require specific payroll connectors."

Gary Abouaf, CEO of Nesspay

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Rollee’s API?
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Our product is designed to help data scientists, credit managers, fleet managers, and all persons working with payroll data to help them get reliable information at any time.

We need millions of API calls per month. Can Rollee handle the volume?
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Yes! Our product is build to scale with your needs. Contact us for a volume discount.

What data can I retrieve with Rollee?
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We cover major gig and payroll platforms in Europe. If you have a specific working platform in mind, let us know.

What kind of support does Rollee offer?
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Our tech assistance is available via email and Slack.