Mobility fintech powered by income data

Take your mobility fintech to new heights by leveraging aggregated income data to optimize income verification, enhance fraud detection, and strengthen risk assessments.


Effortlessly integrate your customers’ real-time income data within your onboarding & decisioning workflows

Join mobility fintechs spanning insurance, lending, MaaS, fleet management, and more in their commitment to creating the best service for mobility workers.

Standardized reports

Access standardized reports of your customers’ earnings, work activity, and more across all gig & employment platforms.

Data fields

Gain a full view of your customers’ income and activity.

Multiple income streams

View all incomes side by side, for a global view of all earnings.

Improve your risk assesments

Approve more customers for credit with inclusive underwriting.

Make data-based decisions every-time

Tailor your financial product specifically for gig workers, incorporating features built on real-time income and activity data.

KYC for compliance

Fulfill your KYC compliance through all available data sources. Automate verifications with simplified access to your customers’ working accounts.

Activity monitoring

Get a full and real-time overview of your customers activity through all platforms. Everything aggregated in a single file.

Sign up and connect your users

Discover the power of aggregated gig platform data with Rollee. Sign up with your work email and get a 30 minutes demo call

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Rollee’s API?
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Our product is designed to help data scientists, credit managers, fleet managers, and all persons working with payroll data to help them get reliable information at any time.

Is there a time commitment?
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There is no commitment on our offers. Our montly subscription can be stopped anytime, no explanations needed.

Is the free offer really for free?
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Yes. You can integrate Rollee to your product in the sandbox for free. We provide weekly follow-ups and tech assistance via email or on slack.

We need millions of API calls per month. Can Rollee handle the volume?
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Yes! Our product is build to scale with your needs. Contact us for a volume discount.

What data can I retrieve with Rollee?
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We cover major gig and payroll platforms in Europe. If you have a specific working platform of interest, let us know, and we'll do our best to add it ASAP.

What kind of support does Rollee offer?
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Our tech assistance is available via email and Slack.

What is the difference between Pay as you go and Subscription?
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Pay as you go means, you get a full view of an accounts current and historical income and employment data upon account activations. You will be charged 1-time only per user, independent on the number of accounts they have.

Subscription provides ongoing user-permissioned access to an account, with continuous data refreshes and notifications of changes to income and employment. You will be charged a small fee per month per user, with daily refreshes and unlimited notifications.