Verify your tenants’ income

Tenant screening with verified payslips:
through real-time income verification and employment status check.


Create a seamless application process for your tenants.

Verify your tenants payslips to accelerate your approval process and reduce your rent defaults.

Reduce fraud and payments defaults

Recover your tenants' authentic payslips in just a few clicks, with their consent.

Consolidate your tenants income sources

Gain a complete view of your tenants income from all sources: main income, bonuses, side-business.

Automate your tenant screening

Reduce your default rate with verified data directly from your tenants’ employers.

Verify your tenant's income data

Instant data verification

Your tenants connect to their payroll platform with Rollee and share their income data and employment status with you.

Automate your tenant screening

Verify your tenants income data at the source and avoid fraudulent applications.

Sign up and connect your tenants

Discover the power of aggregated payroll data. Sign up with your work email and get a 30 minutes demo call

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Rollee’s API?
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Our product is designed to help data scientists, credit managers, fleet managers, and all persons working with payroll data to help them get reliable information at any time.

We need millions of API calls per month. Can Rollee handle the volume?
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Yes! Our product is build to scale with your needs. Contact us for a volume discount.

What data can I retrieve with Rollee?
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We cover major gig and payroll platforms in Europe. If you have a specific working platform in mind, let us know.

What kind of support does Rollee offer?
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Our tech assistance is available via email and Slack.